Sand Blasting VS Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Some of the things that you should consider when you want to choose the most appropriate cleaning method for industrial purposes include time efficiency, environmental issues, the amount of waste produced, safety precautions, and cost vs. value. Most cleaning methods achieve the goal. A competent operations manager understands how various results are achieved and their long term impacts.

For instance, cleaning methods that are solvent based can be labor intensive and take a lot of time. Also, solvents are an environmental hazard because they might affect the health of employees. Such solvents should be disposed or stored securely. Solvents also create several other secondary wastes that can be hazardous as well.

Media blasting involves beads, shells, and sand among others meaning that it can be harmful because it leads to the release of secondary waste. The method is abrasive and harmful to some surfaces. The media in this case should be properly recycled or disposed. On the contrary, dry ice blasting is quite safe to the environment because secondary waste is not produced. Waste is not created due to sublimation of dry ice. If you want to know the best Houston Sandblasting company will make the blasting process save and environmental friendly.

Sand blasting is extremely abrasive. Abrasives may lead to the destruction of surfaces. They may as well contaminate slides and bearing. The other setback is that the method may interfere with delicate surfaces. Grit media is harmful to the environment because it can cause inhalation hazards. It is worth noting that Houston commercial sandblasting services will ensure that grit media is captured, stored, recycled or disposed safely. While carrying out sand blasting grit media is of great concern because it can contaminate the environment causing health risks.

Dry ice blast cleaning is environment friendly because it is non abrasive and does not add unwanted materials to the environment. Before selecting a mobile sandblasting in Houston note that Inhalation hazards are involved unlike using dry ice blast cleaning. Additionally, there is negligible amount of waste that needs to be disposed, stored or recycled. It is advisable to use this method because it is clean and safe to workers as well. The environment should be kept safe for future generation thus calling for such clean methods of blasting.

Even though these dry ice blasting and sand blasting are quite different especially in terms of release of waste, the two methods share similarities. It is worth noting that both methods are considered clean. They both use the same concept of blasting where air is compressed. However, there are more differences than similarities between these cleaning methods. Cleaning methods work differently on various surfaces. You have to understand the benefits of each to know the most suitable method on a surface.

Before choosing a cleaning method, there are factors that you should consider. Look for the most economical method to avoid unnecessary costs. You also should choose the most efficient method. You should have environmental considerations in mind. Get advice from a cleaning professional to guide you on the best method to use.

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